Does McGuire Property Management & Sales require tenants to have a renters’ insurance?

Yes, we do. Proof of the insurance is required before the property is turned over to the renter. Renters’ insurance protects all the property in your home including appliances, art, jewelry, electronics, computers, furniture, and clothing.

Many tenants are under the assumption that their landlord’s homeowner’s policy will cover them if disaster strikes. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, we specifically state in the lease that the owner’s insurance will not cover any tenant liabilities.

The renters’ insurance should cover liabilities amounting to $100,000.

How much is the security deposit amount?

The amount of security deposit is equal to one month’s rent for a lease with a length of one year. Tenants are required to pay the full deposit amount during the lease signing. Also, the deposit and the first month’s rent must be certified.

When is the rent due, and what rent payment methods do you offer?

We require that tenants pay the full rent amount on the first day of every month. Payments made after midnight of the first day are considered as late payments.
McGuire Property Management & Sales, however, gives tenants a grace period of three days. The late fee is charged if the tenant is unable to pay within the three-day grace period. You can find the specifics of the late fee on the lease agreement.

There are three options for paying the rent. The tenant can choose to make the payment in person. Our front desk receptionist will give you a receipt. For security reasons, we do not accept any cash payments.

The next option is online. The tenant can use the tenant portal to pay the rent and this is free of charge. You will need to set up a bank routing number and an account number to create an “E-Check”. A small convenience fee will be charged is a credit card is used.

Another option is through check or money order. Make sure to indicate your full address as well as the unit number in your memo.

What happens if I’m unable to pay the rent?

We will work with you in determining an action plan that will help you meet your responsibility before considering the delinquency.

For serious cases, we’ll strictly follow the lease terms outlined in the lease agreement. We will send you a late notice and this will include the due rent amount and all applicable fees.

Failure to respond to the notice will mean that we’ll be left with no other option than to file an eviction lawsuit against you. The eviction is the last resort that we will take if all other options have failed.

What is your pet policy?

Let us know if you intend to keep a pet. McGuire Property Management & Sales reserves the right to approve or disapprove such a request. If we disapprove the request, please ensure it stays that way.

It is a violation of the lease agreement if you disregard this policy. We may impose penalties or even consider terminating your lease.

If we approve the request, please ensure you adhere to our pet policy. The policy puts restrictions on the breed, type, and the number of pets allowed. You can get more details regarding the policy on the lease agreement.

How much notice does McGuire Property Management & Sales require tenants to give?

We require that you give us 30 days’ written notice if you need to move out. This will allow us to pre-advertise the property among other things.

What should I do if I want a different paint color?

You can submit a written request to our office. Please indicate the color you wish to change the paint to. We will review the request and reserve the right to approve or disapprove it.

If we approve the request, please ensure that you follow all laid out procedures regarding painting. If we disapprove it, please respect our decision. Disregarding any of the procedures or decisions may mean that you will face penalties and/or even get evicted from the premises.

We may or may not require you to deposit extra funds to your security deposit if the request is approved.

Can I change the property’s locks?

Like most requests, please send us a written request. The request to change, re-key or replace any security devices must be written.

If granted, the changes can only be made via contractors who we have approved. During the changing of the property’s lock, you may incur some expenses.

What is your roommate policy?

Yes, you can. The person must be qualified to occupy the premises. Your prospective roommate is will undergo the same qualifying standards as you did when you applied to live in the property. More specifically, the person must pass McGuire’s tenant screening test.

Our screening test involves checking a prospective tenant’s credit and rental payment history, their ability to pay rent, as well as checking their background and criminal backgrounds. If they pass this test, they can proceed with the leasing process.

Please do not keep an unauthorized guest/roommate as this can be considered as violating the terms of your lease. Your lease may be terminated.

What happens when a roommate vacates the property before the lease agreement is up?

Please notify us in writing immediately. Roommates are jointly and separately responsible when it comes to the lease terms.

Should you wish to find a replacement, please let us know. We will follow the same screening test needed.

Who is responsible for lawn maintenance?

The person responsible for caring for the lawn is mentioned in your lease agreement. Generally, it’s the tenant’s responsibility to care for the lawns in most single-family homes.

Taking care of the lawn means:

  • Watering the plants and grass
  • Raking, mulching, and pruning the grounds
  • Trimming shrubs and pulling out weeds
  • Cutting down tree limbs that are hazardous
  • Performing routine maintenance duties such as fixing fountains, applying plaster, and other duties
  • Shoveling snow from walkways and sprinkling ice to keep people from falling
  • Applying pesticide to rid grounds of pests such as mosquitoes, wasps, ticks, and others
  • Landscaping by planting flowers, grass, shrubs, and bushes
  • Performing grounds-keeping and building maintenance duties
    If you are unable to do these yard maintenance responsibilities, we can provide you with a gardener at your expense.

What should I do if I want repairs and maintenance on the property?

It is important to identify whether the request is an emergency. If it is, please call us immediately and provide as many details as you can. Our emergency line is *.

For non-emergency requests, please leave us a message at our online portal. We’ll act as soon as possible. Please be reminded that lockouts are not an emergency.

What constitutes an emergency? An emergency is a situation that endangers your physical health or safety. For example, serious plumbing problems or an improperly functioning heating system when the weather conditions are extreme are classified as an emergency

If you need further details regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To help address emergency situations as efficiently as possible, please avoid using the emergency line for non-emergency issues.

What should I do if the smoke detector is unable to function properly?

The smoke detector should always be connected. The first thing you should do when it’s functioning improperly is to check the batteries. It is a crime if it is disconnected.

In most cases, it’s the batteries that require changing. You can purchase new ones at your local market. For other problems, please leave us a message at the online portal. We’ll have it fixed as soon as possible.

In houses where the smoke detectors are difficult to reach such as when a tenant’s home has vaulted ceilings, please fill out a maintenance request form.

What should I do if I want to get a satellite dish?

Kindly contact us to get specific answers as each property may have a different requirement.

Does McGuire Property Management & Sales allow subleasing?

No, we don’t. If you want to sublease the property, kindly contact us.

Who bears the cost of maintenance at the property?

We’ll hold you accountable for excessive property damage at the property. Examples include:

  • Missing door handles
  • Broken bathroom tiles
  • Drawings on the walls or unapproved painting by the tenant
  • Stained carpet and linoleum
  • Trash pile in the yard, outdoor furniture left in the patio
  • Burns and chips on the laminate countertop
  • The garbage disposal that breaks because a fork jammed inside
  • Holes and dents in walls caused by accidents and carelessness
    If these issues are not addressed during your tenancy, we reserve the right to deduct the appropriate amount from your security deposit. Excessive property damage can also get you evicted from the property.

Please do not miss an appointment with the contractors. Doing so means that you will be charged for the service call. Please contact us to get the specific details.

What happens if get locked out of my apartment?

If the lockout happens during regular business hours, please notify as soon as possible. We may request you to collect the key from our office. Alternatively, a property manager may bring them to your property.

For any other time, you have the option of seeking locksmith’s services. If you consider this option, please provide us with a copy of the new key.

We’ll also provide you a new set of keys for a small fee if you have misplaced yours.

Do you have an emergency phone line?

Yes, we do. To report any emergency issues, please give us a call 720-492-1715. To keep this line functioning efficiently, please avoid using it to report non-emergency issues. Use the online portal instead. We’ll really appreciate it!

Thank you for choosing McGuire Property Management & Sales. If you need any clarifications, kindly contact us.