Can I apply for a rental I haven’t seen?

Yes. You can skip the property visit if you want, or have somebody you trust visit it on your behalf

How can I schedule a property showing?

If you’re interested in any of our rentals you can call the telephone number in the description page or contact our customer attention staff to set up a date for the showing process.

How can I apply for a rental property?

To apply for a rental you must be over the age of 18, fill out an application, and pay a $35 non-refundable fee. Keep in mind that your application can only be processed after your application fees have been received.

Do I need to sign a lease agreement?

Yes. We have a comprehensive 12-month lease agreement that details every aspect of the rental relation, including our mutual responsibilities. Our lease terms are completely open, so you can read them online, review them with your lawyer, or even sign them electronically if you can’t make an appointment. Once we have accepted your application, signed the lease, and have proof of your tenant’s insurance, you can move immediately to the property

How much do I have to pay for the security deposit?

We only require one month’s rent as a security deposit, but you have to pay it in full before you can move in.

When is rent due?

As specified in the lease agreement, rent is due on the first day of the month. However, you still have until midnight of the 3rd day of the month to pay. If you pay after that, it is considered late and you will be charged a the late fee as stated in your lease agreement.

How can I pay the rent?

We offer many different payment options for our tenants’ convenience. Once the rent is due you can mail your payment to our office by sending us a memo with your address and rental number written on it. An even faster way is to log in on your resident account and pay through our website’s portal. You can also pay in person at our office, but remember that cash is not accepted due to security reasons

I am a model tenant. Could you waive my late charges?

No, we can’t. The Fair Housing laws are very strict about the tenant-landlord relations and require that we treat all of our tenants equally. So regardless of how well you take care of the property, we can’t show any favoritism to you without breaking the law.

How can I request a maintenance visit?

If you need to make a non-emergency repair request you can do so writing to our online portal or calling our office to schedule an appointment.

What if I have plumbing issues?

Turn the water off and call our office to talk with a property manager. If your plumbing emergency happens after hours you can leave a message on the answering machine. The on-call manager will call you back as soon as he’s free, so make sure that you describe your problem thoroughly.

How do I stop the smoke detector from beeping?

If your unit’s smoke detector starts beeping without a reason it most likely needs to have its battery changed. You can buy these in your local hardware store and change them yourself, or call and request a maintenance visit if you can’t reach the smoke detector yourself.

What if I lose the keys to my apartment?

If you left your keys inside the unit you can call the office and have the property manager let you in, although there is a $100 charge you must pay for this. However, if you lost your keys or are locked out of the apartment after hours, you’ll need to call and pay for a locksmith yourself, as lockouts aren’t considered an emergency issue. You can also ask for a new set of keys at the office for an extra fee.

What if I have to report an emergency?

We have our own emergency phone line that you can call after hours to request emergency repairs. The lease agreement specifies the nature of an emergency as any malfunctioning related to the property that can affect a tenant’s health. Which is why a gas leak is considered an emergency while a lockout isn’t.

What would be considered an emergency?

Emergencies are situations that negatively affect your living conditions and even damage your health. Some emergencies examples include having your heating system break down during winter or your air conditioning system fail during a heat wave, a broken pipe that is leaking water into your home, or a gas leak in your kitchen.

Do I have to pay for the property’s maintenance?

It depends. If a tenant’s neglect damages the property he will be charged for the necessary repairs. In addition to that, we have a policy of billing our tenants if they miss a scheduled appointment with our maintenance professionals.

Can the manager, the management’s representatives, or the maintenance crew enter the unit when I’m not at home?

We always contact with our tenants first, in case that any eventuality requires our staff to enter your home, so you’ll never be surprised to find a repairman working on your house without your consent. These visits are done only when they’re absolutely necessary, such as when making emergency repairs. But according to the lease agreement, the landlord can enter the property, at reasonable hours and after contacting you, to inspect the house himself or with fire marshals, insurance agents, or prospective tenants.

Do I need to have renters insurance?

Yes. We require all of our renters to get their tenant’s insurance before we give them the keys to the property.

Do I need to mow the lawn?

Yes. According to the terms of the lease, you are responsible for keeping the property in good conditions, and that includes taking care of the lawn. Which involves watering, mowing, and weeding it whenever it’s needed. Additionally, you are also responsible for keeping the yard clean, removing the snow that piles outside during winter, and clearing the leafs that fall during autumn.

Can I smoke inside the property?

No. It is prohibited to smoke inside the house or anywhere near it. So you have to get off the property if you wish to smoke.

Can I sublease my unit?

No. We don’t allow subleasing with our properties, so contact our property managers if you need to release your unit.

What if I want to get a roommate?

There is an application process that you must pass if you want to invite someone to live with you after the contract is signed. Contact our office to start the application procedure. Your prospective roommate should fill out a rental application, pay the fees, and go through a screening process, the same way as you went through one. However, keep in mind that moving your roommate in before finishing this process is a serious violation of the lease agreement and will result in the cancellation of your lease.

What if my roommate moves out before the lease ends?

Roommates need to submit a written notice to the property manager to give proof that they’re moving out. As for you, remember that tenants are both jointly and singularly responsible for the monthly rent. So make sure that everything is paid before your roommate moves out and don’t forget to get written permission from the management before you get a new roommate.

Can I get a pet after I’ve moved in?

If it’s not already covered in the terms of the lease agreement, you will have to go to the office to discuss the addition of pets to your lease

Can I change the color of the walls?

If you want to paint the walls with another color you need to submit your request in writing, as these changes demand the owner’s consent. If approved, you will need to send us a deposit that will be refunded if you restore back the walls’ original color. But this is unnecessary if the office tells you that you don’t need to restore the original color before your lease ends.

Can I change or add new locks?

No. Changing the locks or adding extra locks by yourself without permission is a grave violation of the terms of the lease. Anytime you need to change the locks, rekey, or install, repair, or change any type of security device, you must contact your property manager to get the proper authorization. Any changes to the property’s locks or security devices must be paid in advance and can only be installed by contractors authorized by our management office

What if I want to get a satellite dish?

Requirements can vary from one property to another. So make sure that you call your designated property manager who can answer all of your questions.

How many months notice do I need to give before I vacate?

You have to give your vacate notice 30 days before your lease expires. Make sure that your notice is received at the office before the end of the month, as the 30-day period will start the first day of the following month.