Quality Rental Management for your Property in Centennial or Littleton, CO

Self-managing a rental property involves a lot of difficult and time-consuming tasks. By hiring a property manager, you outsource these tasks to a professional, which can decrease your stress levels and help you find peace of mind. McGuire Property Management is a full-service property management company helping rental owners in Littleton, Centennial, and surrounding cities of Colorado.

At McGuire Property Management, we have the experience necessary to adapt our services to the specific needs of your portfolio. Our resources allow property owners to get the most out of their investment, with little effort or stress on their part. If you’re ready to outsource your management tasks, contact us today!

Our Property Management Services

Our customer-oriented services will help you maximize your investment returns. As a full-service property management company, we can help you in a variety of ways. This includes:

1. Marketing your vacant rental unit

Our comprehensive marketing and advertising program allow us to find tenants for our client’s vacancies as quickly as possible. We customize our marketing approach for each of our client’s individual properties and needs. Using a combination of online and offline advertising strategies, we can capture the attention of a large number of prospective tenants so that we can choose the one that best fits your rental.

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2. Rigorous screening of each prospective tenant

At McGuire Property Management, we subject each prospective tenant to a rigorous screening process. By checking their credit score, income level, and potential criminal history, we’re able to determine whether they’re a good fit for our client’s rentals.

Our screening process adheres to the Fair Housing Laws and does not discriminate against any prospective tenants. At the same time, it allows us to find a tenant who will pay their rent on time and take care of our client’s properties.

3. Collecting monthly rent payments on-time

Collecting rent on-time is not as easy of a task as it may sound. However, by screening each prospective tenant thoroughly and enforcing the terms of the lease agreement, McGuire Property Management makes it significantly easier. By collecting rent payments on time, we help our clients maximize their investment returns.

4.Coordinating regular maintenance and repairs

Well-maintained properties are more attractive to prospective tenants and also have a higher market value than those that aren’t. At McGuire Property Management, our main goal is to protect your asset which starts with routine maintenance. By staying on top of repair requests and conducting routine maintenance, we ensure that minor problems do not end up becoming seriously and costly.

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We also provide 24-hour emergency service. With this strategy, we’re able to safeguard the value of your home and provide a better living experience for your tenants, encouraging them to rent long-term. It’s a win-win situation all around.

5. Providing online accounting and detailed financial reports

Using our online management software, we provide our clients with regular updates on how their property is performing financially. When you sign in to your online Owner’s Portal, you’ll be able to see detailed and accurate financial reports. We distribute funds on the 20th of every month and issue 1099 tax forms at the end of each year.

About McGuire Property Management

McGuire Property Management believes in providing property owners with high-quality, customizable property management services to protect their assets. Our team of professional property managers values building and maintaining good relationships with each of our clients. With our experience in the local real estate industry, we have the knowledge to help you find success with your investment property. Contact us today to get started with our services!