How to Make Your Rental Application Stand Out

There is only one method to making a tenant screening process a cool breeze section, and this is through the careful use of rental applications. The rental application is a tower-light that guides one towards finding quality tenants, hence the question of how to make your rental application stand out. A rental application is also called ‘rentalutions.’

A rental application is a pivotal screening document offered by landlords or property managers to prospective or intending tenants. This document ensures the provision of a wide range of information. Information that comprises of the applicant’s employment, income, and credit; rental history; references from landlords, employers, and others; identifying information, such as Social Security and driver’s license numbers; past evictions, criminal convictions, bankruptcies; and lots more.

Undoubtedly, there is either an overt or covert relationship between rental applications and property management. To establish a unique and better than perfect rental application, a house owner or landlord must see that he/she understand the entailments of property management and the extent which a property manager possesses and showcases these entailments.


One cannot overemphasize the importance of an outstanding rental application. Summarily, one of the features of the rental application: ‘credit score’ often helps the property manager to know if the prospective tenants have a history of missing payment and a habit of spending beyond means as well as allowing the property manager to know whom to give a leeway for minor credit blemishes.

Another feature of the rental application: ‘background check’ helps the property manager in unveiling information about some nasty activities of an intending tenant like; theft, vandalism, drug use, etc. Furthermore, the employment history is yet a rental application tool that reveals how an intending tenant switches from jobs or manages a stable job for an extended period of time. More often than not, it is strongly recommended to property managers to observe a rental application feature: current income to how convenient it is for a property manager to know if the intending tenant would be able to make rent payments each month comfortably and at the same time fend for their personal welfare.

In writing a rental application that stands out, you must make sure that your application contains information like; referrals from the previous landlord, reasons for leaving the last residence, your appearance, and demeanor as a prospective tenant as well as your lifestyle and choices.

An outstanding rental application must include a section in which an applicant authorizes the landlord to verify the information and references and run a credit report. The credit report is a particularly key screening tool because it will typically indicate whether a person has a history of paying bills late, has filed for bankruptcy, or who might cause the landlord legal or financial problems.

Although rental applications may differ in style and format, there are some can’t-do-without questions as well as rules and guidelines on how to write an outstanding rental application that must be noted to ensure the application is valid. Below are some few, but essential tips on how to make your rental application stand out:


Firstly, a good rental application must contain the identity or personal information of an intending tenant. This information is important because it is useful in running a search for the intending tenant’s antecedents and screening reports. It is also helpful in pursuing a judgment against a tenant who skips out without paying rent or damages the rental property. So this information must be included in your rental application as it gives the property manager confidence and reasons to trust you since you can be easily traced in case of unforeseen circumstances, thereby giving your application an edge over other applications

Secondly, credit and income verification allows the property manager to know if the intending tenant will be able to pay the given rent and which can also be scrutinized to determine if the tenant keeps information, or attempts to mislead the landlord must be included in your rental application if you want your application to stand out.

Thirdly, to make your rental application stand out, it must contain a verified reference which comes from your former landlord as an intending tenant. Of course, this is capable of exposing an indebted applicant or a bad applicant before they become a bad tenant, but including such information in your rental application also build the trust and confidence of the property manager and makes your application stand out.

Furthermore, your rental application must contain declarations which usually appear just above your signature as a prospective tenant. The statement warns about the consequences laid out for falsification of information and provides the consent to verify the information and to run a tenant background check.

Property managers do advise prospective renters before they complete the application that the information they have provided will go through a verification process, and that false information may imply an act of fraudulence which of course could pose a significant threat to the consideration of your application.

As applicants, you should know that property managers can freely select tenants of their choice. They are obliged by the government to stay clear of any form of discrimination both verbally or otherwise, or by race or color, national origin, religion, gender, age, familial status and any physical disability, so do not be scared of including your correct information.

On a final note, you should know that property owners or managers possess the legal right to discard tenants over conditions that involve a criminal background, credit history, insufficient income, a prior eviction, or a negative reference from a previous landlord. However, the property owner or manager can legally be approved to discriminate against a potential tenant in a lease base on smoking and rearing of pets.

The points noted above may not be entirely exhaustive, but if they are taken not of along with other necessities such as a good cover letter, for example, they are critical in making your rental application stand out.


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