Living in Aurora, Colorado : What You Need to Know


Nicknamed the “Gateway to the Rockies,” Aurora, Co, is the state’s third largest city and is known for its culture, food, relaxing atmosphere, outdoor recreation, and art exhibits.

Based on the official 2017 estimates from the U.S Census Bureau, the city has an estimated population of 366,623.

What makes this popular city such an ideal place to live? Perhaps, it’s the bustling art scene and numerous outdoor adventures that the social and active crowds love. Or it may be the great neighborhoods and schools that the family-oriented individuals adore.

Whichever the reason, Aurora is a great place to live, work and play. Before planning to move to Aurora, Co, here is what you need to know.

What to Know When Moving to Aurora, Colorado:

Arts & Culture

Aurora has many artistic offerings. You can soak in the comedies, dramas, and musicals it offers year-round at the Aurora Fox Arts Center.

You could also visit any one of the many art galleries there. Some of them include Studio Colfax, Cherry Creek Art Gallery, The Madden Museum of Art, Elements 5280 Gallery, and Sidorov Fine Art.

Aurora’s Outdoor Life

As you can imagine, with the city’s picturesque views, there is a multitude of outdoor areas in Aurora to enjoy. The outdoor lifestyle is common in Aurora because the city is close to so much natural beauty.

It’s always a good time to go outdoors in Aurora, Colorado. No matter the season, the lakes and rivers, national parks, state parks, wilderness areas, mountains beckon those looking for adventure and unparalleled scenic beauty.

An avid golfer? If so, then you will, without a doubt, enjoy the delightful golf courses around the city.


Educational Systems in Aurora

Of course, if you are a parent, you will want to live in an area with good schools. Fortunately, in Colorado, you have the opportunity to send your kids to a school of your choice (as long as the school has admissions).

The city offers many private, public and charter options for Pre-K, elementary, middle and high school.

The Best Neighborhoods in Aurora, Co

Aurora provides many options when it comes to deciding on a neighborhood to live in. Do you want to live in a condominium or a larger home? Whether you want to live within a walking distance of bars and restaurants, or closer to a specific school district or your place of work, Aurora has you covered.

Below are some of the best neighborhoods Aurora has to offer.

  • Park Villas: If you want your children to grow up outdoors, yet require access to the employment opportunities and amenities of a city, this neighborhood is ideal.
  • Saddle Rock: This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Aurora. Almost eighty percent of Saddle Rock’s 6,718 residents are homeowners. A large number of the homes in the neighborhood overlook the fairways and greens of the golf course.
  • Bluff Lake Neighborhood : This is located within a short bike ride of Aurora’s two newest and largest hospitals. Bluff Lake is a 123-acre nature reserve and the largest of its kind in the greater metro area. Amenities include an event space, an indoor/outdoor day-care center, an aerobics studio, a lazy river leisure pool, a lap pool, and a state-of-the-art recreation center with free weights.
  • Central Park West: Central Park West may be the most conveniently located neighborhood in Stapleton of Aurora. A light rail stop puts downtown Denver within 15 minutes and Denver International Airport within 10. It’s also butted up against Denver’s third largest public park. In addition, the neighborhood lies adjacent to downtown Stapleton.


Cuisine Options

The cuisine options in Aurora are diverse and utterly delicious. In fact, the city is known for its ethnically diverse restaurant scene.

Whatever food mood you are in, you can satisfy your cravings right here. The atmosphere is always fresh and friendly and they are well aware of vegan and gluten-free options for all dishes.

Health Care in Aurora, Co

This is one of the top reasons why Aurora is such a great city to live in. It ranks high in terms of health care.

It is home to several state-of-the-art hospitals. One is the research, education and patient care facility – Anschutz Medical Campus. There is also the University of Colorado Hospital, which was ranked among the top 50 hospitals by U.S. News and World Report.

Another top healthcare facility is The Children’s Hospital Colorado. It has consistently been ranked as one of the best pediatric medical centers in the country.


Aurora’s Lifestyle

Aurora residents generally live a healthy and active lifestyle thanks to 5,000 acres of protected open space and some 100 parks.

These provide residents with wide-ranging outdoor recreational activities, from rollerblading, jogging and biking to windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking.

In fact, in 2015, Aurora was ranked as the country’s most active city by

Truly, Aurora, Co is a great place to live, work and play. If you are considering moving to Aurora, we hope you have found this article insightful.

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