Things to Do in Littleton Colorado

Are you in Littleton, Co for a family vacation or business trip? Or do you live here? Well… Littleton, Co has something for everyone. This area is located about 10 miles Southwest of Denver. It is an area that is rich in historic remnants, activities ranging from culture to recreation and panoramic escapes. There are renowned historic remnants to hiking trails. Around this area, there are various shopping centers where you can find everything from cupcakes to computers. There are also hand-made gifts that are unique. Therefore, you can buy a gift for a friend or loved one and give them when you get back home. As a Littleton property management business we’re often asked about activities to take part in so we decided to put together this list of the things that you can do in Littleton, CO.

Colorado Journey Miniature Golf Course


Location: Colorado Journey Miniature Golf Course

Do you love mini putt? Well… This should be your venue whenever you are in Littleton. Visit the Colorado Journey that is located at Cornerstone Park. Here, you will be able to embark on an exciting and interesting adventure through Colorado’s famous attractions. It contains a pair of 18-hole mini golf courses that you can select from for your adventure. To and from this golf course, you can visit the Pack Mule Draw course and the Mesa Verde wonders. You can also putt through the Cripple Creek Mine and tremble at St. Elmo Ghost Town. There is also a chance to experience the Florissant Fossil Beds and hike along the Conestoga. Throughout this journey, you will have a treat through native flora, streams, ponds and rock-mountains which engage your senses in different ways. This is the place to visit with your children. They will love it.


Roxborough State Park


Location: Roxborough State Park

This is one of the most pleasant places to be while in Littleton. You just need to take a short drive along Littleton to get there. There are numerous hiking trails that vary from easy to challenging. If you are a naturalist you will definitely fall in love with this place because it will be a seasonal nature tour. In this place, you will find wildlife and old homesteads that you can explore. There are also photography classes that you can attend as well as unique events for the Christmas festive season. For you to attend the classes as well as the tours you need to make reservations. Moonlight hikes are popular here and you should not forget to take your camera with you.

Colorado SUP Sports


Location: Colorado SUP sports

Here you get water sports and boat tours. The season runs from the 1st of May to the 15th of October every year. Equipment sales are open all year round. You will be able to experience the amazing State Park atmosphere, great foothill, and clear water views. You can engage yourself in night excursions, custom group experiences, rental services, lessons and SUP yoga among others. Therefore, as long as you are in Littleton, CO you cannot get bored.

Littleton Museum


Location: Littleton Museum

There are a couple of outdoor period working farms and a small indoor history exhibit. It is a great place to be, especially on weekends. The entry fee is affordable for everybody as it is free of charge! Children love this place so you can be sure that they will enjoy themselves thoroughly. There are numerous walking paths in this museum that loop the entire complex for anyone who loves exercising.

Breckenridge Brewery


Location: Breckenridge Brewery

Here is a place in Littleton, CO where you can have an interesting friends and family tour. The beer from this brewery is great while the tour is unforgettable. For you to have the tour you are supposed to pay only $3 and this comes with a pint of beer to start you off. There are various beer flavors that you are offered and it is up to you to decide which one is your favorite. There are games in the outdoor patio and you will also find a food truck in here. The experience in this place will make you come back again to try out everything you did not try the first time.


  • Hudson Gardens

  • Robert Clement Park

  • Deer Creek Canyon Park

  • Ridge Indoor Pools

  • Danny Dietz Memorial

The above are some of the things that you can do in Littleton, CO. These activities can be done together with your children. Therefore, you should feel comfortable to have a family vacation in here because there is something for everyone. You should visit Littleton, CO for a very memorable vacation.

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