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Best Neighborhoods in Denver, Co

Denver is a big city, and each of its neighborhoods exudes a different vibe and atmosphere. From the hip restaurants and nightclubs of historic LoDo to the stately Victorian houses of Five Points, the Mile-High City offers something for everyone.

If you love what the Mile-High City has to offer but want to enjoy just a bit more of that dazzling Colorado nature in wide-open spaces, be sure to check out these neighborhoods.


1.   Lower Downtown

Lower Downtown or LoDo is a historic Denver neighborhood with a decidedly artistic feel. It features hip bars and restaurants, as well as a ton of shops, brewpubs, restaurants, coffeehouses and independent bookstores.

It’s also here that you will find Union Station, a local public-transportation hub for the Denver area, and Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team.



2.   Congress Park

Congress Park was recently named by Denver’s local 5280 Magazine as the best place to live in the city. It is a neighborhood with architectural variety and eclectic charm. If you’re looking for a ‘small town’ feel, Congress Park is the place for you.

Nearly 40% of residents in Congress Park are in their 20s and early 30s.


3.   Lower Highlands

Lower Highlands is also referred to as LoHi. Hip independently owned shops; lush gardens and parks; Victorian-era homes and buildings; art galleries; and restaurants make it one of the best places to live in Denver for anyone seeking a cosmopolitan and contemporary experience.

From great sushi at the newly added Mizu Izakaya to casual Italian cuisine executed with master skill by Chef Max Mackissock at Bar Dough, LoHi has the hottest dining destinations in Denver.

Lower Highlands also has its share of modern architecture. A great example is the Impressive Highland Bridge connecting Highland neighborhood to downtown Denver.


4.   Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is the premier living, shopping, and dining area in Denver. It’s located just a couple of minutes from the downtown area. It features a wealth of chic art galleries, an impressive roster of restaurants, and one of the most diverse shopping space in the city.

Whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat on a pretty café patio, visiting the Cherry Creek Shopping Center’s 150+ stores, or wandering the tree-lined streets, Cherry Creek is the posh place to see and be seen.


5.   Art District on Santa Fe

This is one of Colorado’s designated Creative Districts. It demonstrates a true urban success tale of community revitalization via creatives. It encompasses hordes of artists, galleries, theatres, studios, and creative businesses.

The Art District opens its doors freely to lively crowds for popular events. Some of these events include Preview Night and the First Friday Art Walk.

The Art District is also a Hispanic and Latino hub. It hosts plenty of Dia de Los Muertos events and showcases Central and South American art at the Museo de las Americas.


6.   Five points

Five points is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods. Once forsaken for its rough reputation, this up and coming neighborhood in Denver has risen to become one of the top places to live in.

Five Points has also been called the “Harlem of the West.” This is because it was once one of the best jazz hubs in the west and attracted musical legends like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and others.

Catch the Five points Jazz Festival or enjoy the Black American West Museum every May.



7.   Uptown

Uptown is located east of downtown and south of Five Points. It has firmly established itself as the capital of “cool.” If you’re wondering where to live in Denver, Sunset Magazine named it as “one of the city’s hippest neighborhoods.”

Uptown is a mishmash of old and new, characterized by trendy eateries, upscale condos, patios a-plenty, as well as picturesque places of worship, and brick rowhouses.

At 17th Avenue, you’ll find most of the neighborhood’s hottest eateries, bars, and shops.


8.   Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is bounded by 7th Avenue, Colfax Avenue, Downing Street, and Broadway. This Denver neighborhood has a nice mix of the old and the new. It’s a true piece of Colorado history, full of several turn-of-the-century mansions.

This neighborhood is also chock full of coffeehouses, restaurants and bistros and a few bars along Colfax. City O’ City is a vegetarian restaurant that’s been racking up accolades for years. Benny’s Mexican Restaurant is a Denver staple and an excellent place to try that signature Colorado green chili.

There’s also plenty of green space. Cheeseman Park and Congress Park are good examples. You can also enjoy modern art at the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art.


9.   Washington Park

Take a break from the busy downtown scene and head over to lovely Washington Park dubbed “Wash Park” by locals. It’s arguably one of Denver’s most popular and well-known neighborhoods outside of the city center and one of the best places to live around Denver.

Washington Park seamlessly blends historic and contemporary styles to offer an idyllic urban way of life. It is also home to Old South Gaylord and South Pearl Street, both hotspots for local boutiques, art galleries and restaurants.


10.   South Broadway

Running through the heart of the Baker neighborhood, South Broadway offers an eclectic mix of neighborhood taverns, art galleries, bookstores, unique eateries and vintage clothing stores.

South Broadway is a diner’s paradise. Restaurants that are a must-try include Lena, Sweet Action Ice Cream, and Punch Bowl Social Food & Drink.

There’s also everything from craft shops and thrift stores, to the Mayan Theatre and live music venues.



11.    Stapleton

Stapleton is just 15 minutes northeast of downtown Denver. With a population of 30,000 residents and measuring 4,700 acres in size, Stapleton is more of a community than a neighborhood. It’s the biggest urban redevelopment project in the country.

The oldest houses here are only about seven years old. The development is based on “New Urbanism.” The trees are still young, the yards small. The houses are close together. But for those who embrace it, Stapleton is a great place to live in.


With 78 different and distinct neighborhoods, there’s something for everyone in Denver! If you’re thinking of looking for a place to live here, make sure to check out these neighborhoods.

Guide to the Eviction Process in Colorado

colorado-eviction-lawsIn Colorado, evictions are sometimes referred to as “Forcible Entry & Detainer” (FED). Like in other states, Colorado landlords and property managers must follow all the rules and regulations set forth by state law when evicting a tenant. Otherwise, the eviction process will fail.

A landlord who engages in any conduct outside the judicial process such as threatening the tenant, taking the tenant’s personal belongings, terminating essential services or utilities, or locking out the tenant may be liable to the tenant for any damages incurred.


A Guide to the Eviction Process in Colorado


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If you’re moving to Colorado, here are some things you need to know before affixing your signature to a lease.  


15 Things to Do in Denver with Kids


As a Denver property management company we know our city very well, so we thought who better to tell you about the wonders of Denver, Colorado then us. Are you heading to Denver with kids? Well, get ready to have the best time of your lives. Denver has got it all- from animal sanctuaries, interactive museums, incredible zoos, and aquariums, to fun balloon rides. There are literally hundreds of incredible, fun-filled, kid-friendly places to take your young ones in this beautiful city of Colorado. Read on to find out the best kid-friendly things to do in Denver.


Top 15 Activities to do with kids in Denver:


Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Denver, Colorado


Top Tips

Buying an investment property continues to be one of the best ways to invest. To many investors, buying investment properties is all about increasing their wealth and securing their financial future. Not to mention protecting their gains from the state and federal income taxes.

If you are planning to buy an investment property in Denver, Colorado, you might want to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of buying an investment property. This can help you avoid making the common mistakes that many investors make. Here are some useful tips for buying investment property in Denver.


Top 10 Reasons to Live in Littleton Colorado

As a business servicing Littleton is a small town not far from Denver. While small in size, this town is fast becoming a premier destination for people interested in settling and raising a family. Despite a population of just over 42,000, it is still one of the most sought out destinations for retirement and family living.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider living in Littleton, Colorado:

     1. Best Place to Retire

Old SmartAsset’s second annual report on the best places to retire, Littleton, Colorado was given the number one spot. Nearly 4700 cities and towns across the country were included in this analysis.

Littleton got the top spot because of its ranking in terms of taxes, number of doctor offices per 1000 people, number of retirement offices per 1000 people, number of recreation centers per 1000 people and number of seniors as a percentage of the total population.


Tips for Making Your Rental Property Stand Out

There is no question that most rental properties offer the landlord or the owner a steady source of income. But this income is only consistent if the landlord is able to find a good long-term tenant and/or is able to maintain the property to ensure that the place is hardly ever vacant in between tenants.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that your property attracts long-term tenants and does not remain vacant for long periods of time is to spruce it up. By making the property stand out, you not only add value to your own property but you also ensure that you continue to generate a consistent income from it.

Here are some tips to make your property stand out. (more…)

How to Make Your Rental Application Stand Out

There is only one method to making a tenant screening process a cool breeze section, and this is through the careful use of rental applications. The rental application is a tower-light that guides one towards finding quality tenants, hence the question of how to make your rental application stand out. A rental application is also called ‘rentalutions.’

A rental application is a pivotal screening document offered by landlords or property managers to prospective or intending tenants. This document ensures the provision of a wide range of information. Information that comprises of the applicant’s employment, income, and credit; rental history; references from landlords, employers, and others; identifying information, such as Social Security and driver’s license numbers; past evictions, criminal convictions, bankruptcies; and lots more.


Tips to Make Renting to Tenants with Pets Successful

A proven way of attracting great tenants into your property is to allow pets. Which makes sense considering that a large percentage of the population are pet lovers. Besides, by housing pets in your home, you can justifiably increase the rent and make extra income.

Having pets on the property, however, is not a light task. It adds on risk that your property will be damaged or in extreme cases can result in safety issues for your tenants.


So how can a landlord mitigate the risks when renting to tenants who have pets?


Establish a Pet Agreement Policy

Before you allow a pet owner to move into your rental, it is prudent to create and enforce a pet policy contract. The agreement will address specific pet related issues that the tenant must observe. (more…)

Highlands Ranch’s Top 10 Activities

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That said, we have collected the top 7 activities that you must do on your next Highlands Ranch visit.


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