Best Areas to Invest in Denver

Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. It has established itself as an outdoor city with a plethora of cultural attractions, chef-driven dining, thriving breweries, and an exciting music scene. Denver appeals to many renters and investors who crave great food, city life, and fresh air.

In addition to these wonderful amenities and attractions, the weather in Denver is optimal for those who enjoy being outside. Residents and visitors have endless activities to choose from thanks to the beautiful weather.

Denver’s growing population is fairly young. Millennials account for a huge number of the population making it a lively place to call home. Such news bodes well for an investor looking for a long-term real estate investment.

The Real Estate Market in Denver

Denver City has become one of the hottest housing markets in the country and has been experiencing significant economic growth. Individuals, young professionals, and households have been relocating to the area fairly consistently which is good news for investors.

With the increase in demand, the price of homes has gone up in recent years. This presents itself as the perfect opportunity for investors who can provide developments that could be rented out to the increasing population, especially the young population.

Denver Colorado investment areas

Denver offers a balance, enticing those seeking an exciting city life while still offer a lot of outdoor spaces for nature enthusiasts. Its reputation as a health-conscious city is particularly appealing to young professionals and families. This is another reason why the area is a good pick if you’re looking to add to your real estate portfolio.

If that’s not enough, when you take its relatively low taxes and landlord-friendly laws into account, this is a good investment option for both new and seasoned real estate investors.

In this article, the team at McGuire Property Management and Sales will go over some of the top areas in Denver that you as an investor should consider for your next property investment.

The Best Denver Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate.

Here are some of the best places in Denver for you to invest in. For more detailed information on each neighborhood, call the experienced real estate experts at McGuire Property Management.

Due to its proximity to the city center, the downtown area is an extremely enticing investment option. It is the preferred area among the younger population due to its lively scene. Downtown Denver has a great mix of outdoor spaces, restaurants, bars, shops, craft breweries, and nightclubs.

The Downtown neighborhood is also appealing to those who love nature and the outdoors. The area cherishes its high walkability rating and bike-friendly environment.

As a result, one of the first electronic bike-share systems was launched recently. The local art scene is also quite vibrant in the neighborhood.

Denver investment properties

Cherry Creek

The housing options in Cherry Creek vary from medium to large and the price is dependent on the style and size. The neighborhood is known for its dining and shopping options and is home to Cherry Creek Shopping Centre. The center also serves as a major domestic tourist attraction.

The neighborhood also offers several boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, and cafes outside. What’s more, Cherry Creek has many schools that are top-performing and provide quality education, making it a great place to invest in if you’re looking to rent to families.

Villa Park

This is quite an affordable neighborhood, located in West Denver, with most of the housing development in the area being condos.

Villa Park contains three small creeks that denote the northern border of the neighborhood. There are also several parks and recreational options in the neighborhood, making it ideal for professionals and young families relocating to Denver. Another allure of Villa Park is its short commute to downtown Denver.

Hampden South

This is considered one of the top areas to live in, in Colorado. The price of properties in Hampden South is relatively affordable while the neighborhood offers many enticing amenities.

The neighborhood is calm, quiet and offers a lot of green spaces. It is close to state parks and provides some beautiful views of the mountain range. Residents of the area can also enjoy several transportation options and high-quality schools, making great for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

outdoor spaces in Denver, CO

In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Markets in Denver, Colorado.

Denver is a city that has gained accolades for its amenities and comfortable living. It is one of the best regions to live and invest in. If you are looking to purchase property in Denver, consider Hampden South, Villa Park, the Downtown Area, and Cherry Creek.

We hope the information above is helpful and should you choose to invest don’t hesitate to reach to us at McGuire Property Management for advice. Our team of real estate professionals is ready to help you achieve your investment goals!

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