6 Tips for Saving on Your Utilities Bill

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These days, homeowners expect to live in a certain level of comfort and with a certain level of convenience. With all of the appliances, comfort systems, and gadgets that we have at our disposal in our homes today, doing so really is easier than ever before. Of course, actually utilizing these systems and appliances does not come free of charge, and you will see your usage levels reflected in your utility bills.

Our friends at Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. want to share some tips with you that can help you to cut down on your utility bills. You can’t do away with these costs completely, of course. However, keeping these simple tips in mind can certainly help you to manage them more successfully.

  1. Seal your home up effectively. Some level of natural ventilation is important for keeping the air in your house fresh. Many homes, though – particularly older buildings – have too much of what should be a good thing. Some caulking and weather stripping can go a long way in the fight for lower utility costs.
  2. Try washing your clothes in cold water. Sure, if you’re bleaching your whites you may want to use hot water to help facilitate the process. The fact is, though, that the hot water that you are using for the rest of your laundry is not hot enough to be germicidal. Is it really necessary to wash your t-shirts in water you’ve paid to heat? Plus, no shrinking concerns!
  3. Do you have ceiling fans in your home? Then you should be using them to help your AC in its summer struggle. The ceiling fans in your home will not actively cool the air in your house. They can, however, help to better distribute cooled air, helping you to feel more comfortable. This allows you to take some strain off of your AC, which uses more energy.
  4. Hanging your clothes up to dry, particularly in the sunny summer season, is a great alternative to running your electric or gas clothes dryer. The sun’s UV rays can actually help to bleach and disinfect clothes and linens, too. Don’t want to risk bleaching? Then simply hang the clothes up out of direct sunlight – it will still get the job done with no expense.
  5. Upgrading your thermostat is a great way in which to live in the comfort that you demand with costs that you can handle. You don’t have to replace an entire AC system just to get a more affordable cooling performance. Using a programmable thermostat gives you more control over when and how you cool your home, without sacrificing your comfort.
  6. Finally, remember to keep your HVAC systems tuned up. Scheduling routine maintenance is the best way in which to guarantee that your systems are functioning at peak efficiency levels. Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. has a great maintenance plan that makes annual maintenance simpler and more cost effective than ever.

With these tips in mind, we’re sure that you’ll be able to start scaling back your utility costs in your home.

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