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How to Effectively Screen Tenants

The perks of having high-quality tenants in your Littleton, Colorado rental property is that you receive the rent promptly, you aren’t overwhelmed by infinite tenant concerns, and you do not have to worry about the renter damaging your property. Which therefore begs the question. How does one get such quality tenants? The answer lies in three words; Effective Tenant Screening.

A popular misconception among landlords is that the screening process is a one-time affair that takes place after a prospective renter fills an application. The truth, however, is that the vetting involves a series of steps, which commence the moment interested parties start to inquire about the vacant Littleton property. (more…)

Key Strategies for Collecting Rent On Time

Rental income is one of the primary reasons people in Denver invest in Rental Properties. Unfortunately, getting the rent from tenants is not always a smooth process. At times renters might fail to pay when the rent becomes due, while others might deliberately withhold the rent in protest to their unaddressed concerns. Still, a property manager or landlord needs the tenant to pay the rent promptly. If you are constantly having trouble getting your tenants to pay their rent on time, the following rent collection strategies should get you inspired.


10 Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Property

If you own a rental property, you should keep a solid relationship with your tenants and also maintain the property’s value. As such, you will have to arrange for regular rental property maintenance schedules. Repair problems will always come up in all rental properties, and as such, they will need attention. The utility systems can develop issues thus resulting into the need to replace appliances on a regular basis. The property age and how it has been handled earlier affects the frequency of the property maintenance. In case you want to ensure that your property is well maintained, look no further, this article is meant for you. Below are 10 maintenance tips for your rental property: (more…)

9 Tips for Advertising Your Rental Property

With the rental market booming in Denver, Colorado, owning a rental property is becoming more attractive to first timers as well as savvy investors. As such, every landlord wants to get the ideal tenant; a person who will always pay rent on time doesn’t complain or cause conflict, never disturbs others and keeps the rental property in better condition than when he/she moved in. Even though this theoretical ideal might be unattainable, the way that you market and maintain your rental property will affect the type of tenants that you attract. (more…)

7 Considerations When Hiring a Denver Rental Property Management Firm


Although owning rental property is rewarding, it is not devoid of challenges. It involves handling tenant issues, maintaining the property, ensuring compliance with legal requirements as well as marketing and advertising the property. No wonder experienced property owners prefer handing over the responsibilities to qualified property management companies. These companies, however, differ in experience, structure, size, as well as the area of operation.

Therefore, if you want to hire the right property manager for your property, you must consider several important factors. Looking at the following criteria will provide crucial leads to your quest. (more…)

When to Hire Property Management in Littleton CO

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If you are investing in a property with a view to renting it out, sooner or later you will have to decide whether or not you want to hire a property manager. You can offload most of the hassle and legwork which comes with owning a property by investing in property management in Littleton, CO. Yet, at the same time, you might assume that hiring a property manager will cost you a lot of money and will not be worth your while. Regardless of whether it makes financial sense or not, you need to understand what a property manager actually does before you consider hiring one. (more…)